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Submitted on
May 5, 2012


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Commission Information

Journal Entry: Sat May 5, 2012, 4:05 PM
Skin by pjuk

Please don't favorite personal or rant journals.. It's not appreciated or welcomed by me.

  1. All paypal is done in USD.
  2. All pricing is based on complexity/difficulty.
  3. I only do a certain number of commissions at a time. I have the right to turn down a commission if I'm too busy.
  4. I'm comfortable doing Humans, Anthro, Feral, and artistic Nudity.
  5. I will NOT do any explicitly adult themes (sex, drugs, death etc). I will not draw pornographic nudity. I will not draw copyrighted characters (aka, fan art), because I don't own them and therefore it is illegal for me to make money from them.
  6. I only take a certain number of commissions at a time. I have the right to tell you no, or ask if I can put your commission on hold until I have time to do it.

Please NOTE me if interested!
Include any reference images and pose preferences!!!


Sketch: $5 a character [500:points:]

Tag: $15 a character [1500 :points:]
Commission: For Toucat by Kennadee

Character Sheet: $30 [3000 :points:]

Character Design: $10 [1000:points:] Design fee + Fee for either Tag or Sheet

:new:SPECIAL:new: Digital Bust Painting: $40 
Old Art: For Skully by Kennadee


35x35 Piece: $1.50 [150:points:]
Commission: For Jazzicorn by Kennadee

Bust Icons: $3-5 [300:points: for still - 500:points: for animated]
Prize: For Mikaley by KennadeePrize: For Malice-Risu by KennadeeCommission: For Jizlum by Kennadee

Fullbody Icons: $6-8 [600:points: for still - 800:points: for animated]
Commission: For Kyrrahbird by KennadeeCommission: For Motted by KennadeeCommission: For ShadowPelt by Kennadee

Joint Icons: $11-15 [1100:points: for still - 1500:points: for animated]
Commission: For Shiruberu by KennadeeCommission: Blighthound by Kennadee

80x80 Piece: $10 [1300:points:]
Art Trade: For EmpireDog by KennadeeRequest: For Goth-Dog by Kennadee
Request: For LunaTheFox24 by KennadeeGift: For CupKeks by KennadeeRequest: For Okadagiri by Kennadee

Package Deals

Design Deal: $40 [4000 :points:]
-Custom Design + Reference Sheet + Pixel Icon of Design

Character Deal: $35 [2500 :points:]
-A Character reference sheet + Character Icon

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ItsOver900O Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Can I get a commission?
ItsOver900O Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ItsOver900O Jan 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Are your commissions open? if not could you tell me when they are I really want an icon commish from you ;~;
Please read this journal. Thank you for your interest!!
Have any ideas when these will open? ;w;
Generally I follow the calendar on my front page- I post a journal alerting when it's been updated (the first of each month, usually). When commissions are open it will say on the calendar. It doesn't right now, for January, because I've been so busy and have a lot of RL stuff that's kept me from online... But February's will have dates when commissions are open to be requested/sent in, etc. etc. You'll be able to plan in advance when you want to order. : )
JeanaWei Jan 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Do you do humans for 35x35 pixels? Perhaps like: [link] ?
JeanaWei Jan 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
How much will they be? >w<
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